How Are You a Twin and Yall Got Different Daddy's?

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A mother’s fling has resulted in her bearing twins – by different fathers.
Eleven-month-old Justin and Jordan Washington may have arrived in the world within just seven minutes of each other, but in an amazing twist of fate, they are half brothers.
Each has a different dad because their mother Mia Washington, had an affair and conceived two babies by different men at the same time.
The bizarre double conception happened when Mia cheated on her partner James Harrison with another man.
One of the boys is James’s son, but the other is fathered by another man, whose identity has not been released. The couple is now coping with the aftermath of the DNA bombshell and plan to tell the twins when they’re old enough to understand.
Mia added: ‘When they opened the envelope and delivered the news they told me there was zero chance that James was Justin’s father.

‘My jaw dropped open. It was the weirdest thing to think that two little babies could have grown in my stomach together and been born seven minutes apart but yet have different fathers. I had never heard of it happening anywhere else in the world and literally had thought it would have been impossible. James said he would stay because he loved me and raise both of the twins as his own. I felt very wary at first, I kept thinking he’d try but then find out he couldn’t cope with it and leave us after all. But everyday I’m thankful because the DNA result hasn’t changed the way we are as a family. James is a good man; he’s a great father and genuinely loves both of the twins.

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