Fight at Lucky Lounge Sends Three to Grady


Direct from: Sandra ROse

Last night’s performance by newcomer Jeremih was supposed to be an intimate industry affair at Luckie Food Lounge. Instead, the night ended with 3 men being transported to a local hospital with stab wounds.

According to witnesses, a brawl broke out between Grand Hustle’s DJ Drama and Young Jeezy’s crews around 2:30 am, moments after Def Jam artist Jeremih left the stage.

Furniture was thrown and as many as 20 men were involved in the fracas as frightened patrons scattered for cover. The altercation spilled out into the parking lot across the street from the Georgia Aquarium where gunshots were heard.

No one was reported shot, but the most seriously injured man was Jeezy’s personal security, the popular “Bama,” who sustained multiple stab wounds to the face.

Most of Young Jeezy’s bodyguards and entourage were arrested at the scene. Also placed in handcuffs was Akon’s brother Bu, A&R for Konvict Music, who was rolling with Jeezy’s camp last night when they showed up at Luckie’s 40 deep.

Word is that the fisticuffs had to do with some old beef involving a mixtape that DJ Drama put out last year. It seems that trouble follows DJ Drama these days. Usually DJs are the quiet, bookish type. But Drama certainly earned his nickname last night.

Other celebrities in the spot included rapper Ludacris, British singer Estelle, Eboni Elektra and Nicole Brown from 3 Brown Girls.


They’re now saying that Young Jeezy was one of the men stabbed during the altercation last night. He is supposedly hospitalized in stable condition. But I can not confirm that. Also, the “Boo” who was arrested along with members of Jeezy’s CTE camp was not Akon’s brother, Bu. We regret that mistake.

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