Will 40 Inch Tablets, EXOdesk and Microsoft Surface Launch this Month?

Imagine having a Tablet the size of your desk to paint, create music or surf the internet on with out a keyboard or mouse. A Tablet that could also be used as a wall mounted TV or a computer screen.

ExoPC posted a video teasing a multitouch surface called the EXOdesk, promising more details when the show kicks off after the new year. The desk measures 40 inches (make that “40 high-definition inches”) and, as you’d expect, supports a smorgasboard of multi-fingered gestures.

the company did reveal it’ll go on sale next year for $1,299 — a fraction of the $8,400 you’ll pay for the new Samsung SUR40 running Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 multi-touch tabletop availability pushed back to January 2012

The Samsung SUR40 Surface 2.0 multi-touch tabletop unveiled by Microsoft in January 2011 won’t be available for purchase until January 2012.

Microsoft officials have been promising for months that the next-generation version of its Surface system would be available for purchase in 23 countries before the end of 2011.

The Surface 2.0, expected to be priced around $7,600, can be used as a table, a wall-mountable and/or vertical/horizontal kiosk. It features a 40-inch HD 1080p screen and is four inches thin (including the glass, PC and enclosure).

The Surface 2.0 runs an embedded version of 64-bit Windows 7 Professional.Microsoft introduced a software-development kit for the Surface 2.0 in July 2011.

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