Kanye West Makes a “Creative Decision”, Changes Song “Theraflu” to “Way Too Cold”

*Following a backlash from the manufacturer of “Theraflu,” Kanye West has decided to drop it as the title of his new single.

The folks behind the over-the-counter flu medication spoke out against the rapper after he hijacked the product name. The song, which finds Ye rapping about falling in love with Kim Kardashian, is now titled “Way Too Cold.”

In a tweet, West said the name change was a “creative decision.”

“I changed the name of the song THERAFLU to WAY TOO COLD and you can buy it now at KANYEWEST.COM,” he tweeted Sunday, providing a link to his official website, where he explains the reason.

Earlier this month, Theraflu manufacturer Novartis got wind of the song and stated, “Novartis Consumer Health in no way endorses or approves of the references or use of the image and likeness of Theraflu in this manner.”


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