Civil Rights Leader Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth Dies at 89

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, who was bombed, beaten and repeatedly arrested in the fight for civil rights and hailed by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for his courage and energy, has died. He was 89. Continue Reading

Obama Administration Rejects Pardon Request for Marcus Garvey

JAMAICA –THE already strained relations between the Barack Obama administration and the Government of Jamaica could be in for more severe testing, as the US government now says the granting of a pardon to Jamaica’s National Hero Marcus Garvey would be a waste of time and resources, since Garvey has been dead for ages.

A report in the Sunday Observer says the flat rejection of a request for a presidential pardon for Jamaica’s first national hero, the Right Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, follows an eventual reply to Florida-based Jamaican-born attorney Donovan Parker, who has been writing to president Obama every week since January, requesting a posthumous pardon for Garvey.

Many believe that Garvey was set up by the J Edgar Hoover-led Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), fearful of his widening popularity among downtrodden US blacks.



– Four (4) City Tour To Begin On February 9th –

Mount Vernon, NY ( — American Legacy, the magazine of African-American history and culture announced today that Kroger and Pepsico are sponsoring its “Know your History” mobile truck tour in 4 U.S. cities beginning February 9th through February 19th. The mobile truck is a traveling museum filled with photos, stories and interactive learning stations that celebrate the African-American experience “We’re excited to have Kroger and PepsiCo join us in this celebration of African American history and culture. As we present this educational event in each city, our mission of providing important information on our past is achieved.”

The 18-wheel trailer transformed into a black history museum will take visitors on a historical journey in black history through the pages of American Legacy Magazine.

The “Know Your History” tour, sponsored by Kroger & Pepsico will include: an exhibit of the magazines covers highlighting the depth and magnitude of African-American history and culture; “Always In Our Sight: The Fight For Civil Rights” an exhibit of artifacts and memorabilia from slavery to civil right from the collection of Gene Peters; exhibit featuring the Buffalo Soldiers, and an exhibit from American Airlines: Black History in Aviation. Continue Reading